Information Security Implementation

Tulos Consulting GmbH has standardized and best practice procedures to realize the required measures for business processes and IT-Security.

In most cases the company reduce their costs after realization standardized security processes. In all cases the company minimize their risks.

Most risks can be reduced dramatically with straight forward measures. Quick wins can often be realized

Main Steps

All security implementation start with a definition of the security standard and security increases the companies expect to achieve. It is vital to define measurable targets.

We may analyse all the processes in the company or focus on defined business units.
One or several audits will then result in a realistic gap analysis and a priorized list of measures.

Together with the client, we then work out a feasable project plan, with milestones, budget estimations and ressources.

  • We are experienced in local businesses as well as in implementing multinational programs

Flexible Solution

  • Lead Auditor (ISO 27001)
    140,00/ hour
  • Implementation Project Leader
    140,00/ hour
  • System-Architect
    130,00/ hour
  • IT-Expert (cloud, application, hardware, network)
    100,00/ hour