Mid sized Companies

Mid sized companies with over 50 employees in Germany and France often have already a data privacy officer (DPO).

The complexity and number of business processes however demand support or advise for special cases.

The risks too  increase exponentially with complexity. The implementation of information security standards are needed to control  the risks.

Implementing  ISO 27001, provides more security and reduces operational efforts and costs.

  • Tulos can provide GDPR + ISO 27001 Compliance

Standard Package:

  • Data protection officer at a reasonable price, which you can also name immediately on your website
  • Checklists for GDPR conformity and with simple "do-it-yourself guidelines".
  • GDPR compliant templates and guidelines for contracts, HR guidelines and privacy notices.
  • Templates for technical measures.

Prices basic Package

  • Mid-sized Companies
    from 200,00/ month

Flexible Solution

Company wide Implementation or Support of the Data Privacy Team on Demand and flexible.

  • Privacy Officer (DPO)
    140,00/ hour
  • Lead Auditor (ISO 27001)
    140,00/ hour
  • System-Architect
    130,00/ hour
  • IT-Expert (Cloud, Software, Hardware, Network)
    100,00/ hour
  • GDPR Documentation
    90,00/ hour