GDPR Legal Requirements

Part of the GDPR Implementation are of course legal Requirements.
The main adaptations for most companies are the adaptations of documents such as:

  • Policies, which assure the correct handling of Data and Information, these can be Instructions for several Processes, in most cases this includes: the transfer or sharing and storing Information.
  • Order Processing Contracts need to be GDPR compliant, and often need to be adapted.
  • Privacy Policy Agreement or Non Disclosure Agreements with Employees, Partners, Suppliers and Clients.
  • Privacy Policies on Contracts and Websites.
  • Small companies may use standardized templates, which Tulos Consulting may provide.
  • Multinational Enterprises usually have global policies and standards. These often need adaptation to the local entities. With large enterprises we usually work closely with the companies legal or compliance department. We also work with local Lawyers or multinational law firms.
  • Tulos Consulting GmbH can revise the Documentation against GDPR and give advise what needs to be changed. Please contact us for any more advise.


  • Certified Privacy Officer (DPO)
    140,00/ hour
  • Lawyer with GDPR Certification
    on demand
  • GDPR Documentation
    90,00/ hour