Large business Structures

Global Players often have a globally organized data privacy or compliance department.
However, cultural differences, local customer requirements or laws make adjustments necessary.

The challenge is to effectively implement uniform standards in local business units.

The complexity of technology and the number of business processes must be managed efficiently.

Experience in multicultural communication with heterogeneous interested parties is needed.

  • Tulos has international Experience and Communication Skills for multinational implementation of GDPR and ISO 27001

Global Solutions for Information Security and Program Management

  • Privacy Officer (DPO)
    140,00/ hour
  • Lead Auditor (ISO 27001)
    140,00/ hour
  • Program Manager (PMO)
    140,00/ hour
  • System-Architect
    130,00/ hour
  • IT-Expert (Cloud, Software, Hardware, Network)
    100,00/ hour
  • GDPR Documentation
    90,00/ hour