E-Commerce and Online Shops

Data protection is often given too little attention for E-Commerce, mostly because of cost reasons. This dangerous convenience canlead to the failure of the online shop or its merchandise management system.

Costly efforts to repair the systems as well as loss of customer confidence are dangerous risks. Often, only small measures are sufficient  to improve security considerably and save costs.

Tulos Consulting examines the dangerous areas of E-Commerce Platforms and assists in the removal of vulnerabilities.

Of course, we also provide external data protection officers if required.

Please see also Tulos Services for GDPR  and Information Security

  • Tulos has Experience with E-Commerce Solutions

Best Practice  Solutions for Information Security for E-Commerce

  • Privacy Officer (DPO) Mandate
    from 25,00/ month
  • Certified Lead Auditor (ISO 27001)
    140,00/ hour
  • Certified GDPR Officer
    140,00/ hour
  • System-Architect
    130,00/ hour
  • IT-Expert (Cloud, Software, Hardware, Network)
    100,00/ hour
  • GDPR Documentation
    90,00/ hour